Chocolate Tasting Party

Let's get together virtually, or in some cases, in person! A guided tasting for your group includes chocolate samples and note forms along with expert guidance to savor the nuances of chocolate from around the world. Enjoy time together online and enjoy a fun tasting of fine chocolate or gather in person (note restrictions below).  Contact us to set up a date! 

Schedule a Chocolate Tasting Party with Sharol Nelson-Embry, owner of Cocoa Case!  Gather your chocolate-loving family and friends in person or online. You'll enjoy some full-size bars and curated sample sizes, fascinating chocolate history, and guided tastings to take you on a chocolate journey around the globe like no other! "Bird/wildlife-friendly" and "Made in Country of Origin" chocolate selections make these events extra special with rare, difficult to find chocolates to sample. Wine, tea, and cheese pairings can be suggested. 


We're currently scheduling Zoom tastings through December 2021 and have some availability for in-person tasting parties (all participants must be vaccinated and the event held outdoors). Tastings start at $25 per person for a one hour party. Use the button below or our contact page to schedule a date or to get more information. 

Some ideas for Tasting Parties:

Gatherings and Book Groups

Celebrate friendships, family, and the love of chocolate! Your chocolate tasting experience will be a fun, interactive party that everyone is sure to enjoy!

Wedding and Baby Showers

Chocolate tasting brings people together! A tasting party is a fun way to celebrate a new life together and get acquainted with new friends while enjoying delicious chocolate.


Previous fundraisers have included Chocolate Tasting Parties for the Golden Gate Audubon Society, the Oakland Zoo Docents, and the National Association for Interpretation. Your non-profit or worthy cause could be next - contact us to find out about how use a tasting party to create a successful fundraiser.

"Similarly to tasting wine, tasting chocolate is an art that requires using all senses." -Christelle Le Ru, Passion Chocolat