September 2023 Subscription Tasting Notes by Sharol Nelson-Embry
14. September 2023
Bird habitat is conserved with fair trade, sustainably harvested cacao. Meet some of the birds from Malaysia, Peru, and Tanzania included in September's subscription kit. (Hornbill by Tom Murphy VII, Wikimedia)
19. August 2020
Some single-origin chocolate can help save bird habitat in the rainforests where cacao grows. Learn more about Cocoa Case founder, Sharol Nelson-Embry, and her passion for both birds and chocolate.

09. July 2020
Cacao farming can have positive or negative impacts on the birds native to the rainforests. Learn about "bird-friendly" chocolate, then check out our tasting kits.
11. May 2018
Flavors of pineapple and honey give way to tropical flowers -- this is the magic of cacao grown in Haiti. Cru Chocolate of Sacramento shares the story behind creating their delicious Haitian 72% dark chocolate.

09. March 2018
Learn the long, luscious history of chocolate and the first steps for indulging your senses in chocolate delight!